Were I still in Ghana…

this is where I would have spent my Sunday with the lovely Caitlyn 😉



Having spent the past week training the new MFB advisor, I’m finally free!! Free, that is, to try to scramble and finish all of the side projects I’ve wanted to do here but never had the time. Free to work out some last kinks to the model before I hand it over to our new (but not yet arrived) Program Developer, and foremost free to visit each of our MF communities  a last few times and start saying my goodbyes. 

We talk about “impact” in this organization a LOT, and it’s a tricky term when you think about it. To be in a place, in a context for a year and work to make that one little corner of the world better for the people who interact in it (local and foreign, communities and volunteers), is an all-consuming process, but a highly rewarding one in the end (for reasons I could go on and on about, but not now). 

Have I learned the lessons I came here to learn? Of course, and many more I was not expecting, but there’s always that longing to stick around in a place once you’re truly comfortable, when you feel like you’ve got it figured out. Over the course of only a year and a half or so, I will have said a number of big goodbyes. Goodbye to Berkeley and my life there, goodbye to Ghana and my crazy life here, and now I head back to California for a short sojourn to help my family say goodbye to our home of the past 10 years and goodbye to our OC lives there. By some point next year (or earlier), I will have said goodbye to all the places I’ve ever called “home” and be heading back to a very different “home,” back to Colombia. Back to my roots, you could say.

Long story short…

I’ll be back in California on August 9th, which means have not nearly enough time to do everything I want to/need to before leaving Ghana, but shall have to make do and try not to get to sad in the process. It’s a bittersweet goodbye to be sure, but ultimately I’m ready to be home for a while before my next adventure (colombia 2013?!)

In the meantime I’ve decided that so much of the photos and reflections I’ve wanted to share about this experience I simply haven’t had the time/energy to include here, so I’ll be continuing this blog over the next few months to retroactively share what an amazing year this was and once unlimited high-speed wifi permits, you can be sure to see some great images of this country and this organization…

With students from UCL, leaders of the Ekumfi Ebiram Community Development Fund and some amazing interpreters from the University of Winneba’s fante linguistics program at the closing ceremony of our final MF brigade for June

Ghana moment

It’s Sunday morning and I’m wandering around Ebiram looking for a group of my brigaders when I come across a small church service. It’s hard to walk in to a group of Ghanaians and not be invited in and offered a seat, so I entered and sat and clapped along as they sang a gospel song. I wonder how many places in the world a random foreigner could wander into the middle of a small town church service and join in as if nothing strange had happened? Just another lovely Ghana moment 🙂