From the archives: My AFS Study Abroad in Chile, 2005

There’s nothing quite like stumbling across old photos you forgot existed. Extra points when they were taken on a disposable camera (remember those?).

In the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I did 6-week immersion program with a family in Viña del Mar, Chile. I’d wanted to study abroad since middle school when my first Spanish teacher told us how she learned Spanish studying abroad in Chile herself. At the time, taking a whole year seemed like more than my 16-year-old self could handle (“just think of all those AP classes I’d miss!”), but even just a summer was incredible. I started planning a college study abroad the day after I got back home…


Muchos, muchos viajes

Long story short, the semester ended, I moved out of my apartment in Buenos Aires and spent a week traveling through Còrdoba and Salta (northewestern argentina) with my friend Des, was back in Buenos Aires for 3 days, then embarked again on a long bus ride to Viña del Mar, Chile, to visit my old host family from the time I studied abroad in high school, and now I’m volunteering at an organic farm for a month in the province of Mendoza back in Argentina near a town called Tunuyàn.

Phew! So much has happened and hundreds of photos have been taken, unfortunately I suck at keeping this blog updated and have left the cable for my camera in buenos aires, so these updates will be brief and imageless, but better than nothing I hope.

So to begin, our time at the University of Belgrano came to a close with final exams and remarkably generous grading standards. One by one our departed from dear Argentina to return to the states. I think this is the first time in my life I’ve had to say goodbye to good friends I really might never see again, and let me tell you, it completely sucks.

Moving out of my apartment was a sad experience too, and kind of weird in the sense that packing is generally associated with leaving a place for good but I’m not technically “leaving” buenos aires until August 4th, but I no longer have I place I can really call home there anymore. I lugged my far too heavy bags to my friend Vina’s place in San Telmo where she kindly let me crash for a couple of nights before we left for our trip.

We arrived in Còrdoba by overnight bus on thursday June 24th and the adventures began, but more on that to come…