I’m Clare.

I have lived in California, Chile, Argentina, Ghana, Guatemala and now Mexico in a search for my place in the development of a global community. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2011 and have been pursuing a career in international development ever since.

I consider myself a peregrina del camino, a pilgrim on this path to understanding what it means to positively contribute to the world.

“Let us walk this uncertain ground with open hearts and generous spirits so we may have the wisdom to understand what needs to be done, and the integrity to put that understanding into action.” – Ana of Awakening the Horse People


2 thoughts on “Clare

  1. Hi Clare,
    I found out this morning that I will be leaving in Nebaj for 9 months with the Italian equivalent of peace corps.

    While surfing the web looking for pictures, information about the place, etc, I stumbled on your blog and I thought it would be nice to in touch, although you I think you won’t be living there anymore when I arrive (probably sometime in March/April).

    Hope to hear back from you,
    Warm wishes and congrats for the nice blog!


    • Hi Francesca! So sorry not to see this sooner, but thanks for your message! I’ll be in Nebaj at least until April, maybe even June, so I’m sure we’ll cross paths and feel free to email me anytime with questions. I’ve met a few of your co-workers here already, excited to welcome you to our community! My email is, keep in touch!

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