A case of early onset nostalgia…

As I wait for my next adventure to pan out I often find myself scrolling through the hundreds of photos and even flipping back through old notebooks to take myself back, at least mentally, to the beauty that was my life in Guatemala. So I’m stealing a page from my friend Caitlyn Cartlidge’s blog (https://theresnoroombackhere.wordpress.com/), and posting some of those thoughts and photos I had about my life there, but kind of in reverse. May it serve to act as a balm on my nomadic itch…

The night before I left Nebaj, and Guatemala, we held one final ceremony at Ti’kajay (ti-ka-high) with spiritual guide and resident feminist powerhouse, Doña Ana Laynez. Within Nebaj there are numerous cerros, or hills, that hold extra spiritual weight for certain energies of mayan cosmology and Ti’kajay is host to the energy/nahual that Leonel and I share. I won’t name which since mayan cosmology also advises not to share your nahual with strangers because that intimate knowledge can be used against you.

Anyway, we started the ceremony just before midnight, the strongest moment of energy for a given day, and Doña Ana guided us through her prayers in Ixil. A ceremony or prayer means many different things to different people, so I won’t try going into detail here, but connection is the central theme. Connection to the fire, at the most obvious level, connection to the energy of that day and of oneself, connection to what one seeks, and ultimately connection to all that is spiritual and physical in this world.

I didn’t really have faith in anything growing up (except perhaps in the mythical promise of good grades), so to be welcomed throughout my time in the Ixil to observe and participate in the faith of another people with such open arms and non-judgement was truly an honor and a gift. And a beautiful one at that.



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