Gluten-free in Guatemala: Pan de Elote

IMGP5720This morning I was introduced to my new favorite food. As some men present flowers or chocolate, my boyfriend brought me a bag of bread that I can actually eat (what a keeper). The “huzza” nature of this photo doesn’t even begin to describe my elation at tasting the glory that is pan de elote. Made from sweet young corn ground into masa dough with some sugar and water, it’s basically corn bread, but without that pesky wheat flour common to the U.S. thanksgiving variety. The point is, a delicious gluten-free bread-like substance is now available in Nebaj for 1/8th of a dollar on the street, but for a limited time only (literally, due to seasonal nature of corn here). Being gluten-free in Guatemala just got a little more lovely.




2 thoughts on “Gluten-free in Guatemala: Pan de Elote

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