California goodbyes

goodbye to my beautiful state. “see you soon” to my beautiful beau. mucho gusto to the new life adventure that is Guatemala…

Last night I had my first goodbye party, after all these years and all these departures. New friends, old friends, very very old friends, and my padres all came together over a glass (or three) of wine and it was wonderful. Reese and I had just returned from a 4 day road trip up the gorgeous California coast, which had been immediately preceded by a crazy new year’s eve (who thought comedy clubs could actually make you laugh? and since when has my alcohol tolerance become so low?)

I am horrible at packing though, which meant that today was a battle between stressing out over my overweight baggage (one year ago that could be such a perfect psychological metaphor), and trying to enjoy my last moments with Reese, the guy who has redefined my understanding of love.

In then end, I made it to the airport in plenty of time with decently average-weighing bags and the realization that tomorrow I will begin a new life…again. I am so ready for this next chapter to begin, but I’ll always remember these past few months as some of the happiest times I’ve spent in California 🙂


California goodbyes

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