You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf…

Busy busy busy. Once the summer brigade season ended, I assumed I would have this new life full of structure to get things done and have more time to breathe. Of course, that was dependent on me trying to be a structured, make-time-to-breathe kind of person, which so far I am not. The nature of working for what is essentially a start-up non-profit (start-up in the sense that our operations in Ghana are barely a year old), is that there is far more to do than realistically can be done, meaning we could easily be working around the clock and still not make a sizable dent in the collective to-do list. And this is where the elusive “Life/Work” balance comes in to play. How do you separate your work life from your home life when your office is in your home and your work revolves around a laptop and a blackberry dutifully reminding you every time there’s a new email?

For some reason I feel like I was better at compartmentalizing my life in college, where the line between work and play seemed so clear (if i’m drinking coffee i must be working, if i’m drinking wine it must be playtime). But I suppose the difference was that I was really only accountable to myself to get my work done, so if it didn’t get done or was crap I only had myself to reckon with. And I suppose this is where good words about being an “adult” and part of the “real world” come in, since I’m no longer accountable only to myself, I have responsibilities to an ever growing number of people. It’s not even a matter of worry over the repercussions of bad work, but rather an obsessive compulsion to do really great work because it’s something really care about and want to be great at.

I guess I’d been hoping that after college I would be more calm and in control of stress and anxiety and worry, that the proverbial waves would settle and I could float peacefully along. But I guess I’m just going to have to get better at surfing instead.


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