The Baifikrom House

So as vaguely mentioned before, the summer brigade season ended last week and we’ve now begun the process of settling in to our new home in Baifikrom, a small town right outside of Mankessim which is a major market town for the whole Central Region. The main Accra-Takoradi highway that is part of the trans-West African highway runs right through Mankessim and most if not all local farmers, fisherman, traders, and anyone else looking to sell their wares all come to Mankessim on Wednesdays and Saturdays for market day. We have yet to really explore town much, but the colorful buildings along winding dirt streets and happy people always looking to introduce themselves and start a conversation paint a picture of classic tropical charm.

Our house itself is about 15 minutes down the road from the market in a cluster of bigger suburb-like homes in the middle of acres and acres of farmland. It’s a rather unique looking house with enough rooms for all of our staff and a big office space. The attic is currently the most popular room of the house, ironic because it’s also the hottest by a good 10 degrees, but it makes for a perfect hot yoga studio by day and cozy hang-out spot at night. We have grand plans of bringing in some cushions and carpets and making it a de-stress, decompress, no work talk allowed kind of place.

From our initial forays into town we’ve found our go-to coffee/egg sandwich breakfast spot, a lady who sells late-night kiliwili (sp? it’s chopped plantain fried in ginger and spices, yumm), and then of course there’s the faithful Shell gas station convenience store which is pretty much the closest thing to a convenience store within an hour. We’ve also found an amazing running trail along the dirt road that runs for miles through the farms.

So all in all, there’s a whole lot of potential for our first GB family home, now if only we could get the plumbing figured out…


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