The thing about blogs is…

…once you get behind on updating, you lose a whole lot of motivation to catch up.

So long story short, my new life in Ghana continues to be happy, healthy, and exciting. I’ve been working on a lot of materials for GB’s microfinance and water programs, reading a lot on the many many things I still need to learn about our work here, and trying to get accustomed to our transitional state as an organization and new GB family, if you will. This past week I went on my first Medical Brigade with a group from University College London, which was intensely interesting and gave me an opportunity to better understand the program and how it fits in to the larger holistic model we’re shooting for. I’ll post some more detail on that another time when I’m feeling more reflective.

Right now I’m actually in the city of Kumasi, north from Cape Coast, but not too far. We headed out after the brigade left to take some time to enjoy ourselves and relax. And when I say we I mean myself, Solomiya, Allen, Alan, and Audrey (Allen’s friend visiting). More on that later as well, with pictures included.

Also of interest is the fact that I no longer have short hair. Our friend Esi took me in to Cape Coast on Thursday to her usual hair salon and I got my first head full of braids, courtesy of some fake hair too. Pictures of that to come as well…


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