New Beginnings

So to begin, an explanation: The reason for this blog is to chronicle my travels and post some photos for the enjoyment of my friends and family while I spend a year working in Ghana with the non-profit organization Global Brigades. Long story short, they work on rural community development projects ranging from potable water systems to business ventures to sustainable farming and a key aspect of their projects is the participation of groups of university students for week-long “brigades.” And this is how I originally got involved with the organization myself. I traveled to Honduras twice in 2008 with Global Water Brigades and have remained involved ever since, so I’ll now be joining the newly founded Ghana team as a program advisor to the Water and Microfinance Brigades.

My history with blogging is limited to my sparsely updated study abroad blog from Argentina, but I hope to improve my consistency (as well as my amateur photography) to make this an enjoyable update on my experiences.

As of now, I’m sitting in a terminal in Miami waiting for my connecting flight to Panama…nowhere near Ghana obviously, but the reason for this detour is advisor training. Since there’s only two new advisors going to Ghana it was easier to have us train all together with the Panama group, thus I get a week in Panama City which suits me just fine as I’ve never been before. Then I’m back home for less than 24hours before heading back to LAX then to Heathrow in London and finally landing in Accra, Ghana on July 7th when my new life finally begins. Excitement is an understatement for how I feel right now, I’ve gotten an aggregate of about 6 hours of sleep over the past 3 days and have only had enough appetite for 1 full meal in the past 36 hours—anxiety is a demon I have yet to learn how to conquer. But at least it’s a mostly positive anxiety, aside from the dread that I will show up utterly unprepared or having forgotten something hugely important (anyone remember my little ‘passport left in the copy machine stunt’?). But the important thing to remember is that this is going to be an awesome adventure (and yes, dad, I did say awesome), and one that will surely provide me with some epic story telling material.

Side Note: Am I the only one who absolutely detests air travel? I honestly think LAX actively tries to make flying a most depressing experience.


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