along with my pace of life, so too has my internet connection slooooowed down…

There’s nothing like waking up to over a foot of gloriously white snow over a small farm in rural Argentina. Of course, when you then have to wade through the snow with far-from-waterproof tennis shoes everywhere, it’s a different story, but still enjoyable overall.

Unfortunately our internet connection here at the farm is horridly slow, thus I haven’t had the desired opportunity to catch up on this blog, but here’s a bit about what I’ve been up to.

My first couple of weeks on the farm have been far more fun and far less work than I had expected, and with the unexpected snow fall, life has been pretty relaxing to say the least. Many an evening is passed with yerba mate by the fire and some guitar or a conversation about U.S. foreign policy (a favorite argentine passtime). Last week our hosts drove us in to town to watch a community protest against contaminant mining in the region that has been threatening water potability in favor of multinational investment. As far as the actual farm work, we’ve mostly been helping out with preparation for the weekly fruit and vegetable market where the family sells apples, potatos, and various fruit preserves. But I would say that more than what I’m learning about the operation of a small-scale organic farm, the value of this experience has been taking part in a true Argentine household and seeing and hearing their perspectives on life. Most people will tell you that the provinces outside of Buenos Aires might as well be a separate country in terms of how different the culture and way of life are, and limited as my experience may be, I would certainly agree.


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