such a beautiful city

Buenos Aires has so much history. I love how every corner you turn there’s at least one building that’s around a hundred years old with beautifully crafted balconies and moldings…yet with the distinctly south american touch of a run down convenience store converted out of the bottom story. In my quest to absorb as much of this city as possible, I’ve taken to picking random destinations like artisan fairs and such to visit and then walking there by way of random streets to try to see things off my usual bus routes. This past weekend, for instance, I headed down to the San Telmo neighborhood, one of the oldest barrios in B.A. It’s down towards the city center where the streets are narrow and the buildings ancient and lovely. Perfect time to whip out the old SLR! So the photobucket link bears the fruits of that journey:

Also included are some photos from the March 24th protests at the Plaza de Mayo for Day of Remembrance of Truth and Justice. Essentially it’s a day recognizing the grave human rights violations committed by the military junta that took control of Argentina in the 70s and 80s, otherwise known as the “Dirty War”. There’s a big march every year where the various political, social, and other cause-oriented groups in the country come and have a forum to be seen and heard. There’s a part of the march where they carry down the Avenida de Mayo a huge banner displaying all of the faces and names of the victims of the dirty war, known as the “desaparecidos”, or the disappeared. There’s just so much history in this city, you can never get your fill (or at least I can’t).

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