Busy busy busy

Oh so very busy. Class has started and my time seems to be flying out the window each day between studying spanish tenses and navigating myself through the city. So, a quick recap.

Sunday I finally went to San Telmo fair and it was every latin craft-loving shopper’s dream. I managed to restrain myself and only get a couple things, one of which being a very necessary small purse (with a zipper). Most women here avoid carrying too much, since the more you carry, the more you stand to lose. Most purses are small, square across-the-chest bags and worn on the front hip (always in view). I also had the most delicious espresso of my life at a cafe in the area. It looked like it was about 4 shots big, but I guess the caffeine content here is less because I wasn’t bouncing off the walls or anything after finishing it, and it was so smooth and delicious. All of those random adjectives coffee connoisseurs use that usually seem made up were suddenly relevant in describing the flavor of this coffee, more than I could ever have expected.

Monday we started our Spanish language program at the university. We first took a placement test, and goodness have I’ve forgotten my grammar! I managed to qualify for the high intermediate class where I can (supposedly) get my grammar near perfect by the end of the month, and then I’ll move up to advance during the semester. Class is 5 hours a day from 9:30-2:30 and it takes me about 45min to get to the school, so this will be a “fun” schedule to maintain. I have already come to embrace the siesta.


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